A Guide to HGV Training in the UK

If you’re considering taking on a new job in HGV driving, you may be interested in knowing what you can do to apply for an expedited training program which will let you complete your training in only two months. You can complete your training in a fraction of the time required to attend university, and without being in debt.

Fast-track HGV training service – Easy as HGV

You can get your training locally in four days or at one of the 90 training centers across the country. HGV Training is free to use and its recruiters will assist you in every step of the process. You can learn more about the benefits of the program, and apply online today.

hgv training -Track Training is simple to those who require their license fast. The training lasts only four days and will teach you all the skills required to obtain your license in a short amount of time. You can even continue working at your current job as you complete the training. Professionals with professional licensing and qualification provide the training. It takes only four days.

Courses available online

If you’re considering a career as a truck driver or want to begin a business on your own, HGV training is a great option. Nearly four dozen locations provide HGV Training Services, which offer low-cost, high-quality instruction for drivers. Graduates of their programs are able to drive various commercial vehicles, ranging from tipper trucks to bin lorries. This industry-standard training has led to tens of thousands of job opportunities.

For those who would like to be HGV drivers, there are a variety of online courses available. Some offer the HGV driver’s license that is professional called a CAT C licence. You’ll need to pass a driver’s exam and go through 80 hours of theory to get this license. You’ll also require 16 to 20 hours of classroom training. HGVC provides a variety of training programs, including tuition for online theory tests and onboarding for the software to test theory. They can also help to plan the appropriate hours of practical training.


If you’re seeking to start an entirely new career, one option is to become a HGV driver. This type of driving career requires a long period of training. It will include practical and classroom classes. You’ll learn how to drive and get hands-on experience. A certified instructor will teach you how to drive commercially. This means you’ll learn from the best.

HGV training is usually provided by private companies for a fee of around PS50 per hour. It includes driving a lorry , as well as taking Tachograph tests to measure speed and distance. The training is expected to last six to eight weeks, with some courses taking longer.

Eligibility requirements

There are some prerequisites for becoming a HGV driver. First, you must be able drive a HGV. It is recommended that at least two years of experience are required. You can enroll in a custom course if you don’t have enough experience to drive large vehicles. This will help you get road-ready and prepare you for the demanding nature of the job.

You can also begin HGV training if your have an UK driving license. You can take the class C1 program, which is the initial step towards becoming a HGV driver. It is a step up from the standard UK driving licence, and allows you to drive a vehicle that weighs 3,500 kilograms and has a gross weight under 7.5 tonnes. You can choose to drive a lorry, truck, or tractor-trailer. If you passed your driver’s examination prior to 1997, you possess a C1 licence.

Courses are offered by Pertemps

Pertemps is a top recruitment agency in the UK has secured Government funding to assist nearly 700 people to begin their new careers in HGV driving. PDT Fleet Training, the company’s specialist in driving was awarded a Skills Bootcamp contract. This will allow drivers to be trained over the next six-months. PDT Fleet Training will collaborate with other companies like Co-op, Biffa, and CLEAN to offer training sessions in 129 locations across England.

Pertemps offers free training for HGV drivers to fill a national gap of competent vehicle drivers. The program was so effective that more than 10,000 people applied for membership within just six weeks. The company pays all training costs, and in return, the drivers sign a 2-year contract with them.