Best Comparison Website to Find Affordable Hair Transplants in Turkey

Istanbul is an ideal place to get a hair transplant. In fact, there are a lot of places to get the procedure with very affordable costs. You will also need to take into consideration the costs and taxes. Fortunately, Turkey is quite inexpensive and is accessible from any part of the world. Furthermore, the country offers some of the most ideal conditions for hair transplants, so it is logical to travel to Turkey to undergo this procedure.

Cost of hair transplants in Turkey

Turkey provides great deals for those who want to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Depending on the kind of procedure, the cost can vary between $300-$400 per transplant. The cost includes flights and transfers. The medical tourism industry in Turkey earns $1billion each year that the government uses to improve medical facilities and invest in hair transplant services.

The costs of hair transplants in Turkey are significantly lower than in other countries. A full head of hair can cost around EUR 6000, and 4 thousand grafts will be equivalent to 10000 hair strands. The average price for a package in the UK, Germany, and Spain is EUR 6,500. It’s approximately EUR 5,300 in Poland and Spain.

Taxes for hair transplants in Turkey

Because Turkey has low manufacturing costs, taxes for hair transplants are lower in Turkey than in other countries. The majority of medical equipment is produced in Turkey which means that there is no need to pay import duties and other taxes. Many clinics in Turkey offer hair transplant services. They all try to keep their costs at a minimum to attract clients. However an experienced doctor and a good reputation may charge more. It is crucial to read reviews from previous patients to confirm that the doctor is skilled and has the best skills.

Turkey is an ideal country for hair transplant surgery. It is among the top three countries for medical tourism in the world. of clinics in Turkey offer very affordable prices and offer all-inclusive services. However, don’t just pick the clinic with the lowest price as the price can mask other inconveniences. Before you select one particular clinic you should research its history, read customer reviews, and check out before and after photos. Beware of being scammed or unsatisfied.

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Turkey is a popular destination for hair transplants. The demand is so high for the procedure that clinics are appearing like rabbits. Some clinics may not be certified or licensed to perform these procedures, which can result in higher costs for patients. Some clinics may cut corners by hiring inexperienced staff to cut costs.

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are not always regulated, with some clinics operating without medical certification. Some of them are even run by taxi drivers as well as refugees. The large volume of hair transplant surgeries result in thousands of unsuccessful transplants, as well as medical complications.

Locating a hair-transplant clinic in Istanbul

It is important to find a clinic that provides hair transplants in Istanbul. Istanbul is home to some of the finest clinics around the world. These clinics provide top treatment and you’ll be in good hands. Here’s a list of Istanbul’s top clinics.

Before deciding on a clinic ensure you look up reviews and credentials from past patients. Also, check out the before and after images of their patients. The doctor will assess the extent of your hair loss and decide the amount of grafts required to achieve the best results. The surgeon will determine the exact amount of grafts required and begin the procedure.