How to Get a US Passport Fast

If you need a US passport quickly, you may be wondering how to obtain one in a short time. Before the coronavirus pandemic, processing times ranged from four to eight weeks. However, nowadays, processing times vary from several days to almost three months. Routine processing takes up to 11 weeks. Expedited processing is available only in certain situations, and the cost is $60, plus expedited shipping. Read the following various ways of how to get a US passport fast, conveniently and efficiently!

24 Hour Passport and Visas

You can get a US passport fast by using a private expediting service. These services can speed up the processing time and save you from waiting in line at the post office. The process can take from 3 weeks to several months, but the wait time is less predictable than with regular application. These services are only available from licensed passport expediting services in the USA. Read on to find out how these services work.

You will have to make an appointment and pay a fee. The government doesn’t allow people to apply for a passport on the same day, so you have to arrive at least 30 minutes early. Some companies offer same-day service, but you still need to pay the U.S. Department of State and Acceptance Facility fees. You will also have to wait through the screening process and security checks.


There are many benefits to using an expedited service like RushMyPassport, and one of them is the time-saving convenience. With services like theirs, you can complete your application online and be in and out of the passport office in under 24 hours. You can even prepare your documents before hand and get your passport photos quickly. And because they’re partnered with FedEx, your documents will arrive in a matter of days, rather than weeks.

If you need a passport in a hurry, you can also go through a liaison service to get your passport shipped faster. The only drawback is that they cannot guarantee that your passport will arrive on time, since it requires a citizenship document and identification document. Plus, federal holidays can cause delays in your application. But, if you can afford the cost, they’re worth it.

State Department website

There are a variety of methods to get a US passport fast. While the cheapest and easiest method is to go through the state, there are some things to keep in mind before submitting an application. For example, if you are in danger of missing a flight, you may be able to call the department of state and request an emergency passport renewal. If your application is processed quickly, you should receive it within three days.

You should also check out a courier service to expedite your passport. Some companies offer same-day service. While this option will cost you a small fee, the process isn’t necessarily faster than submitting documents at the state department’s office. The fees are higher than those charged for routine processing, so be prepared to pay up front for shipping. In any case, it’s worth it to avoid the long lines and wait time and go through a passport agency if possible.

Life or death emergency passports

To qualify for a life or death emergency passport, a traveler must provide certain documentation. Proof can be in the form of a death certificate, a statement from the mortuary, or a signed letter from the hospital. If the documents are not in English, a professional translator must complete the translation and certify it. Proof of pending international travel, such as a flight reservation or itinerary, must also be presented.

If you or a member of your family is suffering from a serious illness, such as the coronavirus, you may qualify for a life or death emergency passport. Such passports are issued to travelers who must leave the country within 72 hours. In some cases, the traveler must be a US citizen. Life or death emergency passports are valid for up to six months, so you should make your plans accordingly.